Though relatively new to the car wash business in the United States, we have been washing cars in now 15 countries since 1965. If there is one thing we have learned over this period of time and geographic expanse it is that the car wash business is inherently a local business developed by people with roots in their communities who know their markets and have strong bonds with their customers and employees.

Apart from the synergies we can bring to an existing business of having a larger organization with greater purchasing power is a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over years that all started by listening to people whether customers, employees or business partners.

To us, our reputation from doing deals in the United States since August 2015 is everything. We believe in relationship-based acquisitions. We approach each potential deal with a blank sheet of paper and are creative in structuring deals that work for all parties. One of the most valuable assets of our acquisitions is the skills and knowledge of the people in the local company. As such, it is our practice is to offer employment to 100% of the employees in businesses acquired. The employees often enjoy enhanced benefits programs and the opportunities associated with being part of a larger organization.

We look to provide the resources necessary to continue to grow and expand the business. We look to partner with successful car wash operators and are proud that we continue to have ongoing business relationships with many of the owners whose businesses we have acquired.

If you would like to explore any sale opportunity further, please contact Erika Keil at 865-809-8447 or by email at Alternatively, you may contact Jake Harrison at 770-595-6565 or by email at jakeharrison@drivenbrandscarwash.comm.

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Director, Market Development


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